In a world full of fast fashion, growing natural threads and unethically sourced materials, we need to start a new revolution: ethical and sustainable clothes to give our children a better future.

Sustainable products go hand-in-hand with ethical working environments.  We want to help humankind and nature.  

At st. Cove, we design the clothes ourselves and work together with a small group of artisans to create the clothes your little ones love to wear and you feel proud to dress them in. 

Ethically sourced products means we ensure no-one in the creation process is left with less than they deserve.  Every worker should get the best possible care, wages, and working conditions.  Having your clothes made in an ethical way promotes female empowerment, ensures working women get healthcare, maternity leave and the right training needed to grow.   Ethical clothes support workers and communities.

We also promote responsibly created clothes, leaving little to no waste behind.  Our clothes are inspired by the coast and its characteristics, in gender neutral colours.  This allows you to pass on clothes to anyone who may need them, reducing the waste cycle.  Our clothes are intended to last, with proper care. 

Our clothes are made from sustainable materials and allow your babes to grow in them and wear the whole year round - this decreases the impact on the environment and your wallet.  

Sustainable clothing is created by hand and therefore completely unique.  We produce everything on a small scale, preventing any over-production.  The clothing is made from all-natural materials, without toxic dyes, pesticides and GMO’s.  The production of these clothes uses less water and energy.   

At st. Cove, our ethos is simple: we create treasured pieces for your babes with minimal impact on our earth.  We want what’s best for your little ones and this includes ethically sourced clothing.   

Our brand is passionate about sustaining the next generation!